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"I found Sheff after trying numerous sound engineers. I tried cheap ones and some of the "industries best." Sheff has blown their work out of the water. Sheff mixes tracks for my artist and I. He also adds live instrumentation when needed. His turnaround time is amazing for the quality of work he provides. Sheff is a great guy, who is very honest and cares about the customer. He is not out to just make a quick buck, which is very rare in this industry. He makes the extra effort to help you grow as an artist. Another quality of his which I truly appreciate is his patience and understanding at certain times. I know I would drive some engineers nuts with my occasional last minute changes; but Sheff just rolls with it. Very professional. I highly recommend Sheff to anyone looking to take their music to a higher level. He came highly recommended to me by a world renowned sound engineer, and I quickly realized why."

Sean Madden, Producer, MNM Music Group , California

"Sheff is an excellent mixing engineer and is quickly growing a worldwide customer base. I have seen him grow over the years into a consummate professional. He is currently the mixing engineer at the legendary Hdqtrz Mastering Studios and we receive nothing but praise for the work he does. He is passionate about his craft and never gives less than 200%. Great things are happening for Sheff. Earle Holder Chief Mastering Engineer Public Enemy"

— Earle Holder, Owner, Hdqtrz Digital Mastering Studios, Atlanta

"Sheff Dizzle is Scrappy Music and Apparel Company's mixing engineer. Sheff assists us with our creative and services many of our clients with their projects. We at Scrappy Music and Apparel Company love the fast turnaround and affordable rates Sheff offers. If you are looking for top notch work, make sure you look up Sheff Dizzle Baby!"

— Grant Kevins, Owner, Scrappy Music and Apparel Company, Atlanta

"Sheff has always been both professional, not only in what he does but how he approaches each project, and has always shown the highest level of honesty and integrity and that, for me, wins above all else every time."— Eddie Bazil, owner , SampleCraze, UK

"I hired Sheff to mix a couple records for me. One in particular, a record called "After Hours," I wanted something creative, a mix that would further enhance the song. Sheff mix was above any of my team's expectations! If you're looking for someone who understands how to mix a record....Sheff's your man. You can check out Sheff's "After Hours" mix here:"

— Lynxx Lewis, Owner, Outliers Music Group, Chicago/Atl

"I used Sheff Dizzle to remix a few of my songs, and they sound great. I was extremely satisfied and he offers great advice. He truly knows what he's doing; good skills and a people person. I am actually ready to use him again. Thank you Sheff Dizzle for your expertise on my music, I truly appreciate it. KLD"

— Kila PK Davison, Independent Artist, Atlanta